Ten years ago I brought home a 1975 Ford Bronco. This was not the beginning of my Bronco story, nor was it the end. It was just the next chapter in a story still being written. The itch to restore or modify one of these obsolete old icons of backwoods travel had just about driven me crazy. The acquision and possession has completed the task. I admit to obsessing on my Bronco. It is my mechanical muse. While the Bronco itself is a canvas, the Bronco has also become an outlet for my art.

The chief influences for my Bronco art have all passed on. Their art has inspired me since I was a kid, riding my Schwinn Stingray to the store to buy Cartoon magazines and Revell models. In no particular order, they are Dave Deal, a brilliant artist and serious Baja racer whose love of Volkswagens equalled mine for Broncos, Peter Aschwanden, the illustrator for John Muir's epic "How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive," and I'm sure there is a healthy dose of Rat Fink's creator, Ed Roth in there as well.

This section remains a little apart from my daily bread graphic design and illustration. I don't make my living from Bronco art, but I can tell you that it paid for the original purchase as well as the restoration and modifications I've made. Anybody else have a hobby that pays for itself? As with the rest of the art on my site, I ask that you respect the images. I own them and their duplication rights.

I do take commissions for Bronco and other vehicle art (I need to do a Hydroboost brake upgrade, and I want to add rear disks at the same time). Please drop me an e-mail if you have a need. My rates are reasonable, and you'll get original art created for you.

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This design made me famous. True story... I had just posted what I title a "shameless plug" on our Bronco forum for yet another piece of Bronco art on ebay. Someone piped up immediately commenting that I always drew shiny painted Broncos, but his was in the garage with engine out and parts all over. I obliged and spent about 15 minutes scribbling a Bronco on jack stands, etc. Since I had recently had my Bronco down to metal getting ready for paint, I knew just how it looked. I slapped that art on ebay and posted a link telling them to "knock yourselves out." That slap dash piece of art skyrocketed higher than anything I had ever sold on ebay. While the auction was climbing, I thought how well it work as a shirt design. I re-drew the art and the light bulb went on with the caption "I Believe." I printed it on a good quality grey shirt and sold it as a "Bronco work shirt." I think I've sold literally thousands of these.